There cannot be a lock down on creativity, I realized. For the first time since 1993, I was forced to stay at home. The photographer in me always finds an excuse to go out in search of people and places. And not to mention nature.
So this time too I ventured out with my camera, and the result is this lock down series. Not every day. I would step out once in a week to capture the ebb of social activity, the distress of migrant workers and the forlorn cityscapes. 
At home, I looked around for lives around me. Suddenly there were a flock of birds. And then more.
As an artist, I realize one can find lot of activities-mundane, you might call them–even at home. The power of documentary photography lies in finding stories in nooks and grannies and everywhere.

Macro Carving

Here is another series of photographs shot during the lockdown. Very often, I enjoy working on these still life photography series. Every time, as I finish my still-life arranged photo shoots, I start seeing many interesting formations. It is quite normal to me. But it happens when one goes closer to the subject, physically and emotionally.


Drawings, paintings studies during lockdown from my home..

Fleeing Home

We wanna go home, we feel more safe there..when we decide to come to the city, we thought we make more money and live better, educate our kids much better way than in our villages. But today the uncertainty putting us down. No clarity from authorities.

Table Top photography

My room, my windows, my home, my belongings... everything belongs to me,but i see my outside world through these acquaintance. i feel its look like  an opening for, to be practice the life, or returning to the future. Few still life photography exercises during this lockdown in my Pushp Vihar home.