… Why should we discard things after use, why can’t we reprocess them?  How much we could reuse these junks (the once desired objects of our life) ?  This is an ongoing project about non-living things as well as living things with pleasure and pain in its absolute simultaneity.

Desired and Discarded

I am not an arm chair warrior and do have a habit of wandering around. Where ever I go, Even if I am traveling to other cities or to towns or to my home, for work or pleasure I do the same.  I like to observe and feel the life around and see the objects around, its colors, lights, the shapes and its formations when lights hit on these subjects, their forms and curves; all for me is a lab. Despite the fact that I believe that am a documentary photographer. After work I take my time to go around the streets and corners of the places I stay. During the walks I always come across junks and trashes which interest me because its been thrown away as impractical. But I find it not.   It always attracts me or wonders me why these materials lying around as nuisances.  At times crib about why they do this as nuisance.  At times I start collecting objects and materials from the junks, then incorporate with other objects or match the backgrounds to make an interesting combinations.  Some I paint them and keep it as part of my Kitsch art at home….