“We must remember that a photograph can hold just as much as we put into it, and no one has ever approached the full possibilities of the medium.Ansal E AdamsBirthday-117-GGV

I love working in black & white medium. Its always give me true look than color in several occasions. My stated photography and got into serious practice because of these Black and white images from masters. As well as my experience with B&W film shoots. Still I try to compare the quality of my digital B&W (digitally shot and converted) with my old analog negatives. I keen to explore the possibility of B&W images through the digital technology.  Because it is affordable and there is a tremendous possibility ahead if they  develop the technology.

2 thoughts on “ Black & White ”

  1. When my interest in photography began…gosh, so many years ago. B&W was king. I felt that those camera pointers that loaded, exposed and printed colour were not to be paid much attention to.
    At that time (the early 1970s) colour didn’t give much to the technician that wanted total control over the image. Sure, one could increase the saturation, but mostly you got what the camera and film was capable of. Whereas Black and White offered choice… Choice and Control.
    All sorts of films, chemicals papers and enlargers were in our workshop! Black and White is about mood and we create with tone not colours.
    Modern technology offers so much and I have grown to enjoy how subtile I can be with my colour post-production. However, When I produce or view someone’s B&W that is more than just an in-camera desaturation I am more than please.

    You wrote that you are, “I keen to explore the possibility of B&W images through the digital technology.” I applaud that sir.

    1. Thank you enmanscamera, I born in 1970 sir, luckily i could use real dark rooms. Its costs us a lot, now proud of my self …. We are the last got chance to experiment/ learn with analog

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