a life within the stillness. A Lockdown series

My room, my windows, my home, my belongings… everything belongs to me, but I see my outside world through these acquaintance. I feel its look like  an opening for, to be practice the life, or returning to the future. Few still-life photography exercises during this lockdown in my Pushp Vihar home, New Delhi. Being off and on with the work due to the covid 19 lockdown, being off and on with my assignment, being off with my traveling to different destinations and not being out there, Frustrated me at the beginning. I felt very withdrawn and aloof but as the days passed I thought why should it be so, is there anything else I can do to fill my time and match my instinct. There I restarted my work!

I Started seeing objects around me and in certain arrangements. Most of these objects like flower, dry leaves, vases, bottles, daily vegetables, even toys and many more. I began to organize these at a particular spot  at a particular time with the available light. At times I sprinkle these with water or use the smoke coming from a mosquito repellent. It was great fun and satisfying to an extend. Nice way to get rid of unwanted thoughts and worries….

24th May 2020

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