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“In order not to feel the horrible burden of time which breaks your shoulders and bows you down to earth, you must intoxicate yourself without truce, but with what? With wine, poetry, or art?

Ask what time? Which place? Where, When, Why?
The wind, the wave, the star, the bird, the clock, will answer me”

It is time to intoxicate oneself with wine, poetry, art…

…in the streets among the crowds, in the green patches on the city outskirts, cushioned inside public transport or in the solitude of my room, awake inside my studio. The intoxication seems already diminished, disappearing….

“Ask the wind, the wave, the star, the bird, the clock, all that flies, of all that groans, of all that rolls, of all that sings, of all that speaks”

an appropriated, intoxicated statement, a bit of bawdy Baudelaire

Gireesh GV

Photographer Artist / New Delhi

Have been energised, enthused and humbled by the response to Part One of the show.

So here’s Part Two. Blink and you may miss the moment. Moments that crunch the past into the immediate present. Montages that free the visuals from its  photographic freeze to unravel thoughts in you…

Waiting for these moments and the conceptualisation of this show took a long time. The resultant images carved out of these simple montages, hopefully, still leave a fresh fragrance. I hope they bloom in your minds too.

Unleashing Panoramas series curated by Dr. Joly Puthussery

Associate Professor /University of Hyderabad

Comments below from the first show. Do leave your thoughts on this section too:

” Loved the photographs. In these days when everyone with a mobile phone can click pictures, your photographs are a lesson in composition, use of light, symbolism and most importantly, a humanistic approach to see the world around us. ” —Chaitanya.K.M.

” Gireesh’s niche has always been the twilight zone where photography and art met each other. Being a trained artist himself, Gireesh’s work more often than not assumed the composition of an artwork despite news photography’s inherent compulsion to race against time or even deeper concentration. But then, as every work of art, a news image too is a priceless moment etched in time and history for ever. “–M.G.Radhakrishnan.

“As some of them look at various angles of a single moment or image, others create a chain of meanings, something that is similar to a ‘play within the play’ ” Allwyn Marshall.

“Brilliant work! You were always a very gifted photographer who made pictures you have evolved into that amazing narrator of stories that speak through images.” —Nalini Menon.

” When examined in that moment, a frame turns into an emotion and an extraordinary picture of life that may never be repeated. In a film where only light and time are formed into raw materials, reality becomes a poetic imagination, at least for a moment. For the photographer Gireesh GV, we can finally see a mindset that robs art of everything it sees. He transforms reality into a romantic teapot. Undoubtedly, it is not a feat that everyone can do. Needless to say, Gireesh’s heart beats as a painter transforms what he sees with his camera into a profound experience.”J.Binduraj

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My waiting for the moments and the conceptualization took a long time. But resultant images carved out of simple montages has its fresh fragrance.

Let it bloom your minds too.

Please note the exhibits of the part 1 can be accessed at

61 thoughts on “ Unleashing Panoramas 2 ”

  1. The unfathomable skill of Gireesh G.V. to sense the un-sensed, to capture the rarest of the rare in a most effective time of mundane life and giving shapes to fantastic forms that satisfy the aesthetic sentiments of the inner-self, needs special mention here. Besides being an experienced photographer, with a mere touch, he transforms multiple images into an enigmatic world that perhaps exists parallel.

    Dr. Joly Puthussery, a multi-talented personality of high merit and the curator of the show presents us a visual feast that fills the hearts through a very sensible and tough process of selection of images from the innumerable to give a form and meaning to this show.

    I congratulate and convey my best wishes to Gireesh G V and Dr. Joly Puthussery for this memorable show.

  2. Enjoyed watching your online show Girish. Looking forward to see a solo show in the near future. Congratulations and best wishes.

  3. Seriously entertaining,
    Blindly eye-opening,
    Simply thoughtful,
    Come-on Keep-Going,
    GV you are a VG

  4. Gireesh! What can I say? You have surpassed yourself in this show! Brilliant work! You were always a wonderful day photographer…so different from the usual…these are moments in time that are so beautifully captured…each presentation is like a reflective pause in time with its essence finding meaning in your unique frames! Bravo!.. Nalini Menon

  5. In this world where we cant wait a second more, this whole compilation proves it wrong that we dont have enough time. A true inspiration to learn patience and dedication.

  6. Beautiful Work ! Each photograph has its own story. And the way the photographs are captured is what makes them so interesting to look at.

  7. Lovely to see several of the works not seen before. Hope to see a solo show sometime soon.
    Anoop Panicker

  8. Nice to see the online show. Many are new to me, done are familiar. Good going. Keep it up. Regards

  9. To me, the major highlight of the photo montages of Unleashing Panoramas is the multiple perspectives it offers. It shows how any kind of representation is incomplete, inaccurate and peripheral. When we look at an image, or a moment, it is just one way of looking at it, one way of interpreting it and one way of meaning making. Girish’s montages captured from various angles put forth the possibility of endless play of meanings. At a deeper level, it makes us understand how narrow we look at life and engage in attributing meaning to it.

  10. All of works are really interesting, the undisturbed juxtaposing creates an sense of continuity and movement. They are really inspiring.

  11. Unleash the bundle, let the world view the capture, beauty in your frames is the story that unfurls with it.

  12. Things and items surrounding us, keeps inside a great amount of magic, more than many of the fantasies. I enjoy revealing new edges of the reality, finding the wonder in an unimportant things, unnoticed during the daily life. This is an intrigue, even a temptation……………………………..

  13. Gireesh, as I know, is real passionate in clicking point in time through his photographs but never interested in exhibiting them. He is more of a crusader for the destitutes, penniless and poverty-stricken people, documenting their life and of the real angels on earth living for these hapless. In the journey, he himself gets involved very closely and does his bit through crowd sourcing for helping them. A simple human being with a great artistic eye. Wishing him all the best on his nouvelle venture and all endeavours in future. God bless.

  14. Simple But Elegant…reflects the sync of passion performance and perfection…👌👌👌..Great work daa..GV… Waiting for more from your unexplored archives…👏👏👏👍👍👍…Good wishes…

    1. Wonderful work Gireesh…👍👍👍🤝
      Seems that the theme is “Doors & Windows”…😄
      Waiting for the following parts…🙏

  15. Being associated and known to you from quite some time, I am profound admirer of your works.
    We always cherish and love with your speaking photographs.
    My Best Wishes for all your upcoming events!!

    With regards,
    Upendra Mishra

  16. Loved the photographs. In these days when everyone with a mobile phone can click pictures, your photographs are a lesson in composition, use of light, symbolism and most importantly, a humanistic approach to see the world around us.

  17. Good to see an organised step to streamline and present your work in your own personal perspective and reflective response! All the best!

  18. Fantastic display of exquisite images cuts across time, region and connects with delicate threads.
    Cheers to you !

    1. The Montages are going to show in different curated shows in coming months, fromThis series I started working since 2008-10. Hope this online platform may help me to rreach to more audience. meet you online after 20th. Thank you

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