I am Gireesh GV, a photographer, artist who lives and works in New Delhi. I studied painting from the College of Fine Arts in Thiruvananthapuram, my hometown. I further pursued a Masters in Fine Arts (Painting) from the SN School of Fine Arts and Performing arts, Central University of Hyderabad. I chose to turn my attention into photography and began my career as a news and features photographer. After having moved to Delhi, I worked with some of the leading publications like Outlook, India Today, Forbes, and contributed to The Wall Street Journal Mint and Life Positive in various capacities. Also published works internationally in Time and Newsweek magazines. I worked as a photo editor and photo researcher for several coffee table books projects since 2008, as well as principal photographer. Apart from my personal projects which are part of the curatorial shows across the country.

with Raghu Rai at his Mahrauli office, New Delhi Photo: John Mathew
with Raghu Rai at his Mahrauli office, New Delhi Photo: John Mathew

As a documentary photographer and artist I have always been intrigued by the human condition, particularly in the urban detritus. I try to capture images of remote, no decrepit places and significant people. I always quest for the complexities of humanity and tell stories from the right environment.

BIO in Detail


Coffee Table Book projects: On Chikkamagalluru district in Karnataka for a Coffee table book in collaboration with Outlook publishing, Jajpur in Orissa in collaboration with Orissa Government,

2016 to 2018 ‘The India Drive 1,2 & 3’ a Coffee table book series on CSR initiatives by corporate institutions in India by Outlook Publishers.

Documentation for Book Projects:  2012-18: for KNMA Coffee Table Books on their exhibition projects

2014: Book titled “1969-2014”  the works of artist Nalini Malini , published by KNMA

Short Films and Documentary works: 2014: Documentation for a book and an audio visual movie on Vivan Sundaram’s installation show ( 409 Ramkinkar Baij ) from the show at IGNCA, New Delhi.

HER FROZEN PAGES” (2009). Story, Direction and Cinematography, a short documentary film about a woman who recovered from her depressions with the help of a deaddiction center in Bangalore.

THE MISSING COLOURS”. (2009) Second Cinematographer for a short film about Transgenders in English and Tamil, Directed by Prashant.

IDENTITY” (2008) based on a story of a city-taxi’s diary in Bangalore city Produced by Touchriver films, Hyderabad Directed by Rajesh Touchriver.

CHANGING MINDS (2012) Cinematography for a documentary on AIDS awareness, funded by Red Cross, New Delhi.

Cinematography for a documentary on Street Children, funded by Chethna, New Delhi. ( 2012)

Cinematography for a documentary on tribal community in Andra Pradesh, Produced by CRC Hyderabad,( 2012).

Cinematography for a documentary on Street Children, funded by Chethna, New Delhi. ( 2012)

Other Participations group shows & collaborations

2021: “Lokame Tharavadu” art festival curated by Bose Krishnamachari in coordination with Kerala State Government

2020:  Unleashing Panoramas Part 1 & 2 “ an online show of  photo montages  at www.gireeshgv.in/

2020: “ CONCEPT TWENTY TWENTY”  group show at Durbar hall Art Gallery, Kerala.

2019: “ BETWEEN THE LINES”  group show at GALLERY 27, Fort Kochi, Kerala.

2019:  Group show at Gallery ‘G’ Bangalore.

2018:  A multimedia video display along with Vivan Sundaram’s retrospective at KNMA, New Delhi. Photography documentation on installations and preparations of  “409 Ram Kinker baij “ is an audio visual by Vivan Sundaram at IGNCA.

2017:  ‘TOTAL DISMAY’ Gegorio Escalante gallery,  Los Angeles.

2017:  “ EVERYBODY IS THE OTHER, NO ONE IS HIMSELF” curated show by Manoj Nair at GALLERY 27, Fort Kochi, Kerala.

2016:  “TERRAOPTICS” work with Vivan Sundaram, showcased during 3rd  KochiMuziris Biennale 2016, a Collatoral programme at Gallery SUTRA by Photoink, Fort Kochi. To view the full show

2015:  “IN BOX” group show  curated by Martin at Gallery Shrishti, Hyderabad.

2015: “CLIPBOARD” curated by Shijo Jacob, a group show at Durbar Hall, Kochi.

2014:  Group show at Open Palm Court Gallery, IHC, New Delhi.

2013:  “THEKKAN KATTU” curated group show by Johny ML at Birla Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.

2013:  Curated photography group show ” EMERGING SUBMERGING ” by Johny ML at Art Konsolt, New Delhi.

2013:  ‘WOMEN IN RELIGIOUS RITUALS’ at Art Konsolt art gallery, New Delhi.

2012 & 2013: ‘Small is Big” titled group show, Darbar hall, Kochi, Kerala.

2012:  AIFACS group show, New Delhi.

2012:  ‘STILLLIFE’ group travelling show, Tasveer Arts Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkotta, New Delhi.

2012:  United Art Fair India, Pragathi Maithan, New Delhi.

2012:  Group show at Gallery ‘G’ in Bangalore.

2010:  Six members group show on “26/11” at ALTBL Art Collective, Bangalore.

2010:  Group show titled Who has seen Gandhi? Curated by Rahul Battacharya at Gallery Tangerine art space in Bangalore.

2010:  Two men art group show titled “ Tamed by culture Resisted by images” at OED art gallery in Kochi, Kerala.

2009:  Five members group show at Travancore Gallery in New Delhi.

2006:  Participated in fund raising group show by Smt. Maneka Gandhi in New Delhi.

2005 to 2012:  Annual show by Photojournalist’s association of Bangalore.

2003:  Participated in a group photography show at Habitat Center by PHOTOINK gallery, New Delhi.

1996:  Solo Show, Durbar Hall, Lalita Kala Academy, Ernakulam, Kerala.

1996:  Solo Show, in Sopanam Art gallery, Kollam, Kerala

1995:  Participated in “ART95” New York

1995:  Bangalore Kala Mela by Madras Regional Centre, Bangalore.

1995:  At Mahae by Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy

1994:  2nd Biennale of drawing s titled ‘SOLIDS’ at Chandigarh.

1993,94,95, 2008:  At Contemporary Art Gallery, Cochin by Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy

1993:  Two men show in Alliance Franchisee in Trivandrum

1992:  Group show in Trivandrum Museum Gallery

1992:  Regional Art Exhibition, Madras

1990-91:  At Museum grounds, Trivandrum

1991:  At V J T Hall Trivandrum

1990:  At College of Fine Arts Gallery, Trivandrum

works in Collection: 

In KTDC Kerala Tourism, Indira Gandhi Memorial Library, Hyderabad Central University,

Work in  Private collections in Switzerland, Australia, Tokyo, New York, Bangalore, New Delhi and Kerala

Work Experience:

Since 2008 freelance artist- and contributing photographer to Forbes India, Mint, Hindustan Times, Associated Press, INC India, Business World, Business Standard, Indian Express, Outlook Business, and few more . Worked as cameraman for several documentaries for CRC Hyderabad, as cinematographer for three short films in 2008-2011.  Working with indepentant documentary project on Musahars of Bihar.

2014-2019: Consultant photo editor for Outlook group Special Projects.

2004 – 2008: Senior Photographer, India Today News Magazine

1999 – 2004: Photographer for Outlook News Magazine , on assignments for Outlook Traveller, Outlook Money and other group publications.

1997 – 1999: Photographer for Life Positive New Age Magazine, New Delhi

1996: Lecturer in Fine Arts, Department of Architecture, TKM College of Engineering, Kollam, Kerala.

Educational Qualifications:

1993-1995: Master of Fine Arts (Painting), SN School of Fine Arts and Performing arts, Central University of Hyderabad.

1989-1993: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting), College of Fine Arts, University of Kerala.

Photography Projects:

2018: “Drops of Happiness” Documentary on CSR initiatives by Coca Cola India.

2016: Collaborative photography work with artist Vivan Sundaram on his latest works titled “Terraoptics”

2008: photo essay based on a woman oracle in Kerala.

2002-03: A feature on Bangladeshi immigrants in New Delhi. This project was carried in collaboration with World Press Photo organization.

Coffee Table Book projects:

2019:  As Principal photographer for a coffee table book “ Beyond Barriers” on polio immunization work by Core India group in Northern India.

2018:  As Principal photographer for a coffee table book on “Jajpur” a district in Odissa, India

2017:  Photography , photo editing, design consultant for a Coffee Table book  “ Chikkamagaluru- A Paradise Discovered” on Chikkamagalur District, published by Outlook.

2016 to 2019:  Principal photographer and Photo Editor for the coffee table book series on “CSR projects in India by Outlook Group, titled “ The India Drive 1,2 &3” (series)

2015: Photography for KNMA on a book on artist Nalini Malani, published by KNMA, New Delhi

2010: a coffee table book project- on Bodhgaya –“ Awakenings in Bodhgaya”

2008: Coffee table book for Microsoft India“ 10 years of MSIDC in India”

2008: Consultant photo editor and photographer with Stark publishing company for their coffee table books division

Achievements:  2012-14: Senior fellowship from Ministry of Culture for practicing artists.

2009-10: Third ranking in Black & White online rating at http://photojournale.bladepicturecompany.com/

1997: awarded Junior fellowship for artists from ministry of Human Resource, New Delhi.

Works : http://gireeshgv.in/

Published sheets: https://gireeshgv.in/prints-in-editions/published/

Appraisals: http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/plumage/entry/gireesh-gvmetaphorof-time


Documentary projects:

1, Documentary on Women oracles of North Kerala,

2, Docu-fiction on life of a folk performer (Kannan Peruvannan).

3, Cinematographer for a documentary on the life and work of Padmashri Sudha Varghese in Dhanapur, Bihar

About my Photo-blog:

On April 2008 after my assignment with India Today I started this photoblog to showcase my stories from my travel. I love wandering around with my camera and a sketch book. The images of people  that I shoot  and creating images for this photoblog has always been a challenge.

Copyright Information:

All photographs found on this site are copyrighted to Gireesh GV Unauthorised use and/or duplication of photographs without express and written permission from Gireesh GV is strictly prohibited.

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