Decorative Soldiers


Stand for the good cause; well placed in our space. The story of multi and mono coloured statues installed across the country got its own space in our mind as well as in towns and villages. Why these statues withstand even today, not just because of the beauty of the sculpture not because of material used, it’s for the contribution they made. Some statues are there with all support while some of the popular figure always get vandalized every another day….. Anyway these statues are become important motifs as part of our life: its part of the decorative motifs in our towns, cities, villages. This is the first impression comes to me when I see a statue as “unwanted” of “popular” figures in the middle of the roads. Just decorative. They are not single there is a army of statues, whole lot of them. Most of them as ‘un attended’, putting them on a pedestal which hardly get public care! They withstand all weather all conditions, go through vandals of all time. Throughout the country one can see some are funny looking without any character but they represent. I did this as my project .