” It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera….. they are made with the eye, heart and head”.

-Henri Cartier- Bresson


migrating for work

Migrating to metro cities are an old tradition. It is always for one’s betterment, for Better living, better education and job. An ongoing project, CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO VIEW MORE

sthree velichappadukal

Women Oracles : This is a ritual performance by devotees and believers perform in one of the Bhagawathi (Goddess) temple in Kerala

fleeing home

They were here in the capital for work, now there is an uncertainty due to Covid 19 and no work, no money. . Not having any transport to take them home, but have to reach home. some are walking for 800 to 1500 kms . Some reached, some died on the way ….

women in religious rituals

an ongoing book project


Not a waste of life, it is an awful struggle

Project worked under the mentor-ship of WPP workshop series



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