The Shadows always give you a definition, a suitable one for every occasion. When I find shadows are communicative and responds to your inner feelings, where I perceive as part of a decisive minds. when come to photography the term ‘shadow’ is used to describe the darkest parts of a situation. Shadow is often translate in black tonal values, but shadows are not just a black area in the photograph. it has lots of hidden details. I love exploring the shadows as an ingredient to build my story, where ever its possible. I use shadows and light to strengthen the sense of distance in my photographs. Creates compositions with depth and dimension

When shadows start speaking to you and telling stories, how one could stop following the shadows. One cannot proceed with leaving his shadow behind. The infinite light leaves the shadow distorted and the stagnation continues, with no option to walk back to the finite. I felt these shadows are representing the degradation in our life. The shadow of a ‘Theyyam’ artist, shadow of a beggar on the temple street, rush hours at a corporate office in the city are just few observations I have come across during my study.

‘Shortening shadows’ as a conceptual photo-project have been working along with my other travel assignments and projects. Because I love waiting for the moment instead of creating a moment. Another ongoing project, and never ending one…

no shadow without light, just as no happiness without pain