A meditative, tribal experience bringing together musicians from Europe and India.. the group features Vishesh Khurana, a multi-instrumentalist who plays string instruments from around the world such as the seni rabab (a virtually extinct bowed instrument, a precursor to the sarangi), yayli tanbur (bowed long-neck lute from Turkey), as well as a Tuvan throat singer. Agne (from Lithuania) plays the shakuhachi (a zen meditation flute), the accordion and is also a vocalist. Rahul Sharma (a student of tabla maestro Govind Chakraborty) on the tablas, didjeridoo, frame drum, djembe and more. Elisabeth Dichman is violin player from Denmark steeped in traditional Danish folk and classical music, and now studying Hindustani classical music in Delhi. The group has traveled and played healing music in India, Nepal, Turkey and Europe since 2011. (text Courtesy: AMARRASS Records)