Abstract from Inheritance

I shot these abstract formations during my two-day stay at a sarovar heritage hotel belonging to Rajasthan Tourism in Pushkar. In 2019, I was documenting Kartik Purnima festival held in Pushkar during full moon in the lunar month of Kartik (13th November 2019). After the early morning street photography, I had returned to the hotel for a break. So was forced to stay inside with little to do. Boredom crept in. I decided to roam the corridors of the hotel and looked through the windows to the empty ghats and sarovar (tank).

Then I started shooting the abstract architecture symmetric design with harsh light falling with my phone camera. The hotel walls were thick (12 to 16 inches) width and had high roofs. While walking in the corridors, I started noticing interesting formations on the walls. The form, texture and colour made me start reading the history through those forms, the history of wounds, stories of love and lordships. All these characters looked familiar for me from some unknown books from somewhere. I found interesting formations on the walls and floors of the hotel. Initially they looked like wounds. At times I felt reading so many stories through those formations, untold stories from the walls of this age-old building.

It was a strange and interesting experience. The scenes which anyone has not witnessed began to unspool in front of my eyes–mostly as fragments on the walls. And I have those images as a story for you.