Craving for life and its forms

He is a lone wanderer who seeks solace in the images he shoots. Like a nomad, he roams around the places  with an eye for flawless craftsmanship in frames. He is overly fastidious in his aesthetic choices- be it the boatman who enjoys the solitary ambience of Ganges or the tree that saves itself from the madding crowds in the misty Wagh border. The camera, the eyes and the brain work in tune with the flavour, the medium and the black and white images become the signature style of the sharp shooter.

Gireesh G V’s fascination for experimentation is visible in the frames that he wields. The analogue camera loaded with high speed films catches even a “take off of a bird from the river.” The alluring charm of Taj Mahal here mingles with a melancholic silence of the surroundings. Sure, it is tending to depress the spirit of even the most jovial man on earth. The real art always creates an impression beyond the casual catches. The skill and the dexterity with which GV recreates the visuals are hard to imitate. The brush touch of the eloquent painter marked by forceful and fluent expression can be seen in the aesthetic audacity of those frames.

The artist’s desire for the life and its forms reaches it pinnacle in the livelihood of Amritasar’s streets and in the “Shadows” of delight in Andhra Pradesh.

In the end, it is the roving spirit of the shutter bug that gets duplicated itself into frames. True, it is an enchanting entourage of the sights and an experience!!

Text: J Binduraj