Women in Religious Rituals

As a documentary photographer, photojournalist and photography artist, Gireesh GV has been taking pictures of women involved in various religious rituals for a long time. Professional assignments, innate urge to travel and vacations have taken him to all over India. This series is the fruit of a long and patient journey. Training the lens at women within a religious context cannot be voyeuristic; and in frenzied moments where the male eyes could derive voyeuristic pleasure. But Gireesh neither eroticizes nor exoticizes these women at the religious sites. His series moves between the subjects’ personal belief and trust, and the photographer’s idea of documenting them. These photographs do not capture the ‘decisive moments’, instead they mark the performative aspect of these rituals where women become willing performers often devoid of egos. An ongoing project for a book.

JohnyML, for Art Konsult display