The shock of the times, Silence carved out, Enchanting ecstasy

(from the group show at Travancore Art GAllery, New Delhi. in  2009 , Paintings oil & acrylic on Polaroid film 4 in x 5 in in size)

The displayed works are selected from last eight years of my miniature format which is done on expired  and unusable Polaroid film. Oil and acrylic on those films with a base coating to protect any chemical reactions. Most of my works done in these media are in private collections in abroad and in India  2000 to 2008.

The Canvas of Acid Thoughts  by J Binduraj

 They are not a chock-a-block of colours. Each stroke is a symbol of emotional abhorrent of desperate thoughts. A clear sign that reflects the detachment from the real self to form a perfect mismatch. Colours to him is just an instrument to deviate the thoughts that are rooted deep in to the moral mud and each stroke has its own aura to attract the most mischievous and dirty joke to an onlooker. He  may be confused to coin a term to project out this utter absurdity but the elegance of indulgence reciprocates and deepens the interest in him. . It’s a silence that sounds better than a loud expression, it’s a wound that won’t give any pain, and the creative spirit in the artist is in abeyance with a reality check. Gireesh’s works are a specimen to explain the human bonding, its irking and jerks, its complicity and negligence.

He never ever ignore a certain thing and the surrealistic boat move with utmost precision in the canvas of colours. They are an expression of acid thoughts within a silent individual but the devious ways of expressing it create a clear confusion. The submerged or buried nostalgia often takes a revolutionary path when the maverick in him walk out of the quiet, clean, calm world. The outcome is a stressed, confused and rebellious man with a strong burst of creative energy

The violent and vulgar images of a  broken heart permeate in to the canvas and the man in disguise screams like a protagonist of a tragic drama. The unreliable drabness of the city life deceives and depresses him but the silent striker in him looms at large.

In an era of drag and drop, the  painting on a canvas may seems like an absurd thing that doesn’t deserve attention to many.

But the creative hooliganism of Gireesh mesmerises one like the hopscotch, the children play. The native never chains him and he goes global with feelings that rebuts the real. It’s exhausting and exasperating. The canvas mocks the one who search romantics and nobility. Nature, here is a victim of shabby understatement of a sinner,but the underwhelming depictions of it gives undesirable advantages to the canvas and to the artist.

The bubble of excitement forces the onlooker to get involved with the violence of coloured dilemmas and wandering choices. The unsavory, here been transformed into a pleasant, pleasing smell and “rottenness” of canvas vaporises to give an aroma for thought. The onlooker falls into a shellacking defeat.

To some, this canvas may seem like a monkey business but it’s  a calculated risk that many artists fail to indulge in. The loss of confidence prompt many to make the cliché of their own works, but Gireesh rebels away from the rest.

To him, art is a challenge and he never repeats any of his works. This emboldened approach allows him freely to wander and embrace anything he likes. It’s like a song whispered wild. into the ears of a tired traveller and it evokes an euphoria or comfort that there is someone else in this world like us suffering and ailing for a cause  The works of Gireesh are an ultimatum to the intricacy of the celebrity professionals: it threatens them for a change!