Macro Carving

Close up Macro Photography: a lockdown series

Here is another series of photographs shot during the lockdown. Very often, I enjoy working on these still life photography series. Every time, as I finish my still-life arranged photo shoots, I start seeing many interesting formations. It is quite normal to me. But it happens when one goes closer to the subject, physically and emotionally.

I believe, I can see it in a different light, because I am always in search of new images and experiences. I treat my own creation as past and get to generate a new one. So, I groove for many details, exercise many options. Sometimes I find the colors, textures, shadows and  forms there with which I could create new. I saw some interesting natural formations because of fallen water spray on my tabletop flowers. The tiny drops on petals of the flower or a web created by spiders on dry leaves or a strand of hair stuck on the fence, the cracks on a dry leaf–All, interesting macro compositions.

These are mostly visible only at a certain light sources. Here I intentionally used the available sunlight to capture the images. If not on the same day, continue the next day until I get the result.

When you get closer, the subject becomes larger than life. As another set of close-up photography on an available lighting. After the desired wide shots, one goes close to the subject for detail. One cannot ignore the magic which one gets to experience.… The world of adventure is amazingly endless. It is one more reason to continue living.