We wanna go home, we feel more safe there..when we decide to come to the city, we thought we make more money and live better, educate our kids much better way than in our villages. But today the uncertainty putting us down. No clarity from authorities. True we are anonymous, there is no records about us, we were working and serving, earning and living, voting for all elections. We too part of this constituencies. They become leaders after we  decided. Now we feel,  no one cares us. No one asking us where are we going, why and How? Sir am sure, we reach our home one day and start a new life there. True they will, am not sure how many made to their home, again no records.

Walking towards Gazipur border along with her husband, expecting to board a bus for Kanpur. on 18th May 2020
At Gazipur, differently abled migrant labourer with his wife and kid waiting to cross Delhi state border. on 18th May 2020
Waiting to cross to Gaziabad to go to Kanpur, at Gazipur in Delhi. on 18th May 2020
On the way to Gazipur border, a group labours from Dwaraka. on 18th May 2020
Waiting for their turn. Migrant workers from Bihar waiting for the bus, near Ramlila Maidan as some private bus operators are offering service to Patna from Delhi. The charges are Rs 4000 to 5000 per person. on 18th May 2020
Waiting for a meal. Many individuals and organizations voluntarily served food for migrant labourers and daily wagers during lock down, near Ramlila maidan on 18th May 2020
Walking from Dwarka, a construction worker with his family going back to Jhansi in Madhya Pradesh state. Nearly 500 kms from capital. near Geetha colony flyover in East Delhi ,on 28th March 2020
Group of migrants leaving Delhi state.
A common scene during the lockdown in Delhi, near INA, New Delhi.
Walking towards ISBT to catch the bus for Panipat, if available, otherwise to walk till home. near ITO, Delhi ,on 3rd May2020
A family with children leaving Delhi. They said will return once the lock down is over, 29th March 2020
A construction worker from Nazafgarh in west Delhi, decided to walk to home in Meerut, nearly 110kms. Due to uncertainty and lack of information to these migrant laborers cant stay in capital Delhi without job. Delhi government restarted bus services only for passengers who are on essential duties. But This family couldn’t board the bus because no valid ID cards for all. when I found a pregnant lady with her family walking at ITO flyover, i requested the traffic cops on duty for help. Finally they boarded a bus to ISBT. Thanks to traffic cops at duty near ITO Flyover on 28th March 2020 Those lockdown days, many were started walking home. ( see the video )