shortening shadows

The moment one turn into a mere shadow is painful enough. But the lone traveler, who had been traveling without rest, has reached such a point, from where he cannot move a step further. The world seems terribly limited and though the lonely one needs the support of something to move on, his desire is to do so, because the mysterious ways have their own charm. However, as his helpless shadow falls on a surface and seconds seem to freeze, the realization is painful enough. One cannot proceed with leaving his shadow behind. The infinite light leaves the shadow distorted and the stagnation continues, with no option to walk back to the finite.
I have been using the shadows in my subjects as a character, to express my inner feelings.

Shortening shadow of a Saint. Is a series, which i have been working for long on the series along with my other travel assignments. An another ongoing project.
When shadows start speaking to you and telling stories, how one could stop following the shadows.


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