From 1999 Orissa (now Odisha ) Super cyclone: a woman (suspected Cholera patient ) being rescued by Indian Army from Kankan an isolated village  near  ‘Ersamma” in Orissa  after 1999 Super Cyclone hit. Story

Published Nov 29 1999 

gireesh g v photography

photographed in 2011 for Open magazine

Story:  The Constant Writer,  story, written by Vaibhav / published story

Published Tear sheet

photographed in December 1999 for Outlook magazine story, written by Soma Wadhwa /  published story

Modeling Courtesy: Prita Sen  / Second model Courtesy: U Suresh Kumar / Transport and light assistant: Sanjay (Taxi driver)  

Mines in Bellary

Photographed in 2010 &  published 

Story : The Bellary Minefield  written by Prince Mathews Thomas  for Forbes India Magazine


Harish Hande,Managing Director , Selco Solar, INDIA


Photographed Harish in November 2011 in Uduppi, Karnataka

Story: Selco’s Harish Hande Wants To Spread The Light; written by Mitu Jayashankar for Forbes India Magazine    


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