the conversations of lights

This is a dormitory in Bangalore where I spent two unforgettable nights that ignited all known human emotions in me. Within a span of 48 hours I was bewitched, scared, intrigued and angry for incarcerating myself in a place that had 26 beds with me as sole inmate. It had all the qualifications to be a set for a horror movie. Yet, in the end I was pleased. There was an overt interplay of lights that came in from the windows, courtesy the lights from the street on either side of the dormitory. Which is what made it intriguing because how could anyone in a strange place know that I had a weakness for walking on the streets at night. While the light that came in through one window was from the neon lamps on one street, the other was from the tube lights on another. It was as if I was witnessing a conversation between lights of two hues: yellow and white. As the interplay continued on the walls of the dormitory there would be some fleeting passersby: the lights from the vehicles that occasionally went past the dorm. Adding to the drama were the shadows formed by the latticework on the windows. And then my camera recorded the theatricality of the tête-à-tête. 

I imagined it all as a clandestine meeting of lovers or a friendly banter between friends who had turned it into their own night rendezvous. I wondered if I was an intruder, an eavesdropper. However, I left with the images of that mesmerising conference of light, shadows and loneliness.