Gireesh GV is a documentary photographer artist who lives and works in New Delhi. Born in 1970 Gireesh studied paintingfrom the College of Fine Arts in Thiruvananthapuram, his hometown. He further pursued a Masters in Fine Arts at the SN School of Fine Arts and Performing arts, Central University of Hyderabad. He specialized in painting, Gireesh chose to turn his attention to photography and began his career as a news and features photographer. After having moved to Delhi and then later to Bangalore for a while, he worked with some of the leading publications like Outlook, India Today, Forbes, Time, The Wall Street Journal Mint  and Life Positive in various capacities. He also undertook several freelance assignments once he relocated himself in Bangalore that took away from photojournalism and perched him with some demanding work for a few coffee table books like Microsoft’s ‘10 years of MSIDC and another on the place where Gautama Buddha realized enlightenment titled  “Awakenings in BodhGaya’. He has also participated in several group shows.

As a photographer artist Gireesh has always been intrigued by the human condition, particularly in the urban detritus. His works captures images of remote no decrepit places and insignificant people. While capturing the uncertain state of their existence and their indomitable spirit, his works are notable for their evocative and often saturated use of colour. His quest for the complexities of humanity is accompanied by his lenseye. He has also participated in several group shows.

Coffee Table Book projects:On Chikkamagallur district in Karnataka for a Coffee table book in collaboration with Outlook publishing, Jajpur in Orissa in collaboration with Orissa Government,

2016 to 2018 ‘The India Drive 1,2 & 3’ a Coffee table book series on CSR initiatives by corporates in India and published by Outlook Publishers.

Documentation Book Projects:  2012-18: for KNMA Coffe Table Books on their exhibition projects

2014: Book titled “1969-2014”  the works of artist Nalini Malini , published by KNMA

Short Films and Documentary works: 2014: Documentation for a book and an audio visual movie on Vivan Sundaram’s installation show ( 409 Ramkinkar Baij ) from the show at IGNCA, New Delhi

HER FROZEN PAGES” (2009). Story, Direction and Cinematography a short film about a woman who recovered from mental depressions

THE MISSING COLOURS”. (2009) Associated Cinematographer for a short film about Transgenders in English and Tamil Directed by Prashant.

IDENTITY” (2008) based on a story of a citytaxi’s diary in Bangalore city Produced by Touchriver films, Hyderabad Directed by Rajesh .

CHANGING MINDS“ (2012) Cinematography for a documentary on AIDS awareness, funded byRed Cross, New Delhi.

Cinematography for a documentary on Street Children, funded byChethna, New Delhi. ,( 2012)

Cinematography for a documentary on tribal community in Andra Pradesh, Produced by CRC Hyderabad,( 2012)


On going documentary projects:

1, Documentary on Women oracles of North Kerala,

2, Docu-fiction on life of a folk performer (kanna Peruvannan).

3, Cinematographer for a documentary on the life and work of Padmashri Sudha Varghese in Dhanapur, Bihar

About my Photoblog:

On April 2008 after my assignment with India Today I started this photoblog to showcase my stories from my travel. I love wandering around with my camera and a sketch book. The images of people  that I shoot  and creating images for this photoblog has always been a challenge.

Copyright Information:

All photographs found on this site are copyrighted to Gireesh GV Unauthorized use and/or duplication of photographs without express and written permission from Gireesh GV is strictly prohibited.