Hatu peak @ 11152 feet height ASL

Hatu peak @ 11152 feet height  ASL

Its an amazing experience the moment we reach Hatu peak to view this. Hatu peak is situated above 1152 ft from sea level. 8 km from Narkanda, the road is surrounded by pine and spruce trees. On top of the hill, ancient Hatu Mata temple is located. The peak offers spectacular view of the entire Himalayan ranges, snow clad mountains and in depths are the dense forests, green fields and apple orchards. 

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  1. Nice picture. I like the silhoutte of the bench. And now I know what the view is like! When I went there a few days ago it was all mist, so there was no sign of the mountains! I will have to go back on a clearer day. I loved the temple though so it was worth the visit.

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